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Classically trained, nurtured with Pop music, and living in the electronic music capital of the world (Amsterdam), Maya Lavelle's music creates rhythms and vibes that stand outside what we have come to expect from pop.

Her achievements and awards make impressive reading but she cares about one thing....that people enjoy her music! At 8 years old running on a frozen lake, Maya Lavelle managed to break the ice. Today she hopes to achieve something similar - breaking the surface of pop - exploring new ways to express pop music and taking her fans along for the ride. "I love to challenge people with ideas. Just that these ideas come in the form of notes and melodies."

"I would wake up in the middle of the night and frantically look for a paper and pen to write the music ideas down". Such a dream was one of her inspirations for the contemporary piece, "Pepper Store" for which she won a prize in the Netherlands.

She followed up her debut single "This Ain't The End" with "Free Your Mind", "Amazon" and "Zombie Town". Her album is expected to be released in January 2018. ■

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Difficult paths have beautiful ends.

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